Teacher Extraordinaire

Everwin Group of Schools was established under the leadership of its founder and senior principal Dr. B. Purushothaman, M.A., B.L, M.Sc, B.Ed., M.Com., M.Phil., M.B.A, D. Litt. We take pride in the fact that Everwin has won multiple awards including the prestigious Times Eduicons for 3 consecutive years and grown to be one of the best school in Chennai.

Completing 30 years of service in the field of education, we believe that true education lies in the development of character and discipline.

30+ Years
No defeating feat at Everwin


Born and brought up in Kanchipuram Dist. of Tamil Nadu, Dr. B. Purushothaman always had a quench for knowledge and learning. He always aspired to become a teacher since childhood. As he embarked on his teaching journey, he set up a coaching center “Shubam” and later went on to establish Everwin Matriculation and Everwin Group of Schools, which was born out of a passion to serve society through knowledge enrichment and character development.

Contribution to the Society

Dr. B. Purushothaman has equally invested in society’s welfare and growth. He started many upliftment programs, polio vaccination programs, and other safety programs to provide consistent support to women SHGs, COVID-19 Vaccination camps, and other sectors. He also has a contribution in conducting legal aid programs for the welfare of transgender, health awareness, and safety programs. Dr. B. Purushothaman has always focused on making education fun and exciting for students. His goal is to ensure that every student performs well in high school so they can develop a better career.

Redefining the Quality of Education

Everwin was established to ensure students get access to the best quality education thereby preparing them for their future challenges through knowledge, discipline and character without which one cannot sustain growth leadership. We have prepared activity-based learning programs to help students learn in a fun environment so that when they finish their schooling, they become strong and disciplined individuals. Every program at Everwin is designed to ensure students gain knowledge through activity-based approach that will be conducted throughout the year.



An Institution build on the foundation of their support

We understand the importance of keeping parents up-to-date with children’s performances, the latest changes in the academic world, and other aspects of education. Every day our Founder & Senior Principal meets parents before and after school hours to address all their concerns. Counseling children and parents are part of daily parent meetings. Our goal is to keep parents up-to-date with their child’s academic performance. Fee discounts have been given to parents for the child’s benefit since its inception. During COVID-19 our Principal met more than 6000 parents to reassure them of their kid’s safety and address their grievances.

"Therefore Dear Parents"

The remarkable journey in the world of academia doesn’t end with classroom teaching in the advent of technology. Education at Everwin not only aims at building inner strength for students but also improving the parenting skills of parents. Therefore Dear Parents in one such initiative on Youtube that sheds light on topics of mindfulness, humanity, striking a balance, excelling in life, managing stress, happy life, etc. The 3-minute video series ran for 100 weeks in both English and Tamil.


Be a great follower today to become a great leader tomorrow

B. Purushothaman,M.A., B.L, M.Sc, B.Ed., M.Com., M.Phil., M.B.A, D. Litt.

Founder & Senior Principal

Everwin Group of Schools

A Teacher-cum-Student

The best teacher is the one who keeps learning and growing. There is no age limit for pursuing education. Dr B. Purushothaman is the best example of a teacher-cum-learner. Being a teacher our Founder & Senior Principal Dr B. Purushothaman’s quest for knowledge had led him to be a full-time student that motivated him to study different subjects. In addition to English Literature, he has pursued master’s courses in many areas. He recently completed Law and enrolled himself to finish masters in psychology.

Only a mind that seeks pleasures all the time takes to the postponement of work.

Dr. B. Purushothaman, M.A., B.L, M.Sc, B.Ed., M.Com., M.Phil., M.B.A, D. Litt.

Founder & Senior Principal

Everwin Group of Schools