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 He who has never learned to obey cannot be a good commander.

:: Tips

1. Watching your son's/daughter's activities each day is very important. See that your son/daughter goes to school on time and returns home on time.

2. Ask questions on what your son/daughter has learnt, seen and heard in the school each day. Make him/her talk a lot to give him/her courage and confidence in life.

3. Make sure that there is no disturbance or diversion of mind when your son/daughter is studying. Switch off TV and radio and avoid your own chatting with your relatives and friends at that time.

4. Mental rest is indispensable for all at every stage in life. Allow your son/ daughter to play for an hour everyday. Take him/her to a place of tourist interest nearby once in a month.

5. Right from the beginning, be very strict in your son/daughter doing his/her home work .

6. Make your son/daughter clear each day's portion as and when taught. In any case, you must not do his/her work for him/her.

7. Encourage your son/daughter to cultivate the habit of reading. Remember, reading makes a man or woman to perfection. See that your son/daughter reads subject book, other general knowledge book , newspaper and also watches news and Current Affairs programmes on television. 
8. Instill a sense of responsibility in your son/daughter right from the tender age. Make your son/daughter do some of the household works for you such as looking after the garden, switching on and off the lights and fans in rooms, buying things from the shops, helping your in cleaning the house etc.

9. Whenever your son/daughter does well in studies or other useful activities, never forget to reward him/her in some ways. Rewards and praises help your son/daughter to continue to do well.

10. While never letting your son/daughter go out of your view, it is also important that your should not bore him/her with your over care. Maintain a perfect balance between these two.

11. Scolding and beating will never help in correcting your son's/daughter's mistakes. Don't always compare your son/daughter with the more efficient children in your family or in your neighbourhood. Correct your son's/daughter's mistakes gently and by continuous persuasion. Keep your anger in control when your son/daughter does not work up to your expectations. Your outburst only makes the matters worse.

12. Ensure that your son/daughter does not take long leave from the school and lose the 'school-going momentum' .Fix your family programmes as far as possible in the weekend and school holidays.

13. Work is worship . Don'ts make your son/daughter take leave for visiting temples very often .Let him/her be more confident of himself/herself.

14. Do not talk of your son's/daughter's luck in everything he/she does. Luck is nothing and nowhere. Let your son/daughter understand that there is no substitute for hardwork.

15. While making your son/daughter understand your difficulties, do not, at the same time, fail to provide the essentials to him/her. Have two sets of uniform, dress up neatly and get all books and notebooks and other things required now and then. Keeping the books clean and bound should also be ensured.

16. Pay the school fees on time. If you are unable to do this approach the school authorities to get more time. Never create a situation where your son/daughter has to answer for your failure to pay the fees.
17. Observe certain formalities expected of you by the school .Send leave letter when leave is taken. Sign in the progress report on time and visit the school when called for. Remember that compliance with the school rules and regulations gets your son/daughter good name in the school.

18. Maintain good rapport with the school management and teachers. Visit the school at least once a month, meet the subject teachers and enquire about your son's/daughter's progress. This makes your son/daughter more responsive.

19.As soon as your son/daughter returns from the schools ask for the handbook and find out what has been noted in it - homework, message, invitation etc. .and act accordingly.

20. Know in advance about various competitions in school and prepare your son/daughter thoroughly. Find out what extracurricular activity your son/daughter is interested and efficient in and develop the same. Don't force your interest in him/her.

21. The class work notebooks of your son/daughter should always be under your observation .See whether your son/daughter is taking down answers regularly in them and the same is corrected by the subject teachers.

22. Watch your son's/daughter's performance in small written and oral test's being held in the class informally .This will be a forerunner for the major exams .Ensure that your son/daughter does better both in oral and written tests. He/she must not be let to be a mere writing machine. 

23. Sound mind and sound body are both important .In the hustle-bustle morning, never fail to feed the breakfast to your son's/daughter. Send some snacks and sufficient lunch.Use fresh vegetable that contains rich vitamins. An egg everyday gives your son/daughter an edge.

24. Keeping off your son/daughter from the school celebrations such as Independence Day, Republic Day etc. is a bad habit. Never do that in future. Turn your son/daughter to be patriotic. Let him/her know what India was, is and will be. 

25. The real danger for your son/daughter is his/her bad company. Advise your child not to have too many friends in the class and outside. Don't rely too much on your boy child. Girls are in no way inferior to boys. Don't let your boy child out in the evenings and spoil himself by joining hands with bad companions.

26. 'Early to bed early to rise' will be of big help. Even during exam times ensure that your son/daughter sleep at least seven hours in the night.

27. Tell a tale everyday - just before your son/daughter settles to sleep. A story that leaves a moral or two will be of immense use to the child to become a good person.

28. Family quarrels among the elders - between husband and wife, between elder son and the father etc. right in the front of your son/daughter will show you in poor light with him/her who may follow the Be alert and cautious while sending your son/daughter for private tuitions in the evening. There are many tuition takers in your neighborhood who do double duty and strike two mangoes with one stone - cooking chicken in kitchen and looking children in the hall read something for themselves. Your son's/daughter's precious time might be wasted in the process. Find a full-fledged tuition teacher, if at all tuitions are inevitable.

29. Inculcate good virtues in your son/daughter. Advise him/her not to seal anything from or to quarrel with the fellow students. Tell your son/daughter to hand over anything he/she finds not his/hers, to the school office.

30.. No child is born dull minded. Every child is talented in one way or the other. So is your son/daughter. If he/she is a slow learner, never mind. Take steps to bring out the best in him/her. If you cannot get a doctor, engineer, lawyer or teacher out of your son/daughter better find an able business magnet in him/her who could earn more money than the above-listed professionals.

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